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3 Benefits of Solar Attic Fans Over Traditional Ones

Do you live in a hot and humid place such as Florida? If yes, you know how uncomfortable your bedroom on the upper floor gets during the summer months. And to beat the heat, what you need is a solar-powered fan to cool down your home. Now you might be wondering why choose a solar fan over a traditional one. Well, based on the findings of a research scientist, Danny Parker associated with Florida Solar Energy Center, solar attic fans are a homeowner’s best bet because they can better move cold air throughout the home than conventional roof-mounted varieties. Therefore, residents planning to set up solar panels for their home in Tampa, Florida, can reap the maximum benefits out of attic fans powered by the free energy from the sun, thanks to the city’s abundant sunshine all through the year. Here are a few other reasons why you should consider investing in a solar attic fan this summer:

1. Easy on Your Pocket

Of late, most homeowners preferred conventional fans for attic ventilation. But with the advent of solar technology and plummeting costs, solar is the buzz word. An electrical unit operating for many hours will cost you more. Think about the spiraling energy bill you end up paying every year. Besides, traditional attic fans also pollute the environment by adding to the carbon footprint. When you have solar-powered fans installed, your power bills reduce significantly because they run only when the sun shines. You also contribute to a greener environment by using them. The upfront cost of going solar is high, no doubt. However, down the years, you will save hundreds of dollars annually by using the clean energy from the sun.

2. Extended Roof Life

The heat buildup in your attic can damage the roofing system in your home. As hot air expands and rises, the layer of warm air is just against your roof. If you have asphalt shingles, they are vulnerable to extreme heat. It can result in the shrinking of the roof’s edges and eventually lead to curling, splitting, and cupping. Your roof material will get brittle if exposed to heat for seven or eight hours daily. Consequently, high winds, rain, or walking on the roof will damage it. This is where the importance of solar attic fans comes into play. When you install them, it provides adequate ventilation and improves the condition of your attic to a considerable extent. An attic fan will shove the hot air out of the top story and bring in dry, fresh air through the passive vents. During the hot summer days, a solar attic fan will get rid of the hot air and improve roof life. It also means a cooler upper bedroom and a comfortable home.

3. Moisture Reduction

Whether it is the scorching heat or a humid day in the city, solar attic fans help to keep your home cool and comfortable in all types of climate.  Despite the fact that you live in a new or an old house, moisture will enter your upper story. And when this happens, water will condense on the roof decking, framing boards, and insulation materials. All of this would damage your home with mildew, rot, and mold development. If you are staying in an old property, the problems will worsen. With mold growth, you will soon notice air leaks or cracks near the bathroom light fittings. This is the nesting ground of mildew and mold. Again, if you notice some metal components in your attic have developed rusts, it is high time to install solar attic fans. These products drive the humid air out and prevent mold development that damage your home’s structural integrity and roofing materials.

Now that you know about the benefits of sun-powered attic fans, install solar panels for your home in Tampa to keep your property safe. An attic fan will keep your rooms cool, dry, and sufficiently ventilated. Besides, solar fans, unlike roof-mounted ones, operate silently without creating any noise. So enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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