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How to Add Natural Lighting in Kitchen?

If you are reading this, you are fortunate enough like me to have a large and elegant kitchen. With a large space in your kitchen, don’t miss some of the great perks that you can get benefited with; just like the plenty of the lighting options. Even after being able to add so many artificial yet creative lighting pieces, it’s recommended to be more inclined towards the natural light as it won’t cost you a penny while keeping the space glowing all day long.

So just consider letting in some natural light to your kitchen. There are many ways, for example, you can let the natural light in from the adjacent window as well as an overhead skylight. Not only it’s helpful for you to be able to see your food and preparation better, but also it makes you feel wonderful while cooking — somewhat a soothing effect for sure. Therefore, we’ve come up with some useful ideas you can implement to add more illumination to your dark kitchen. So let’s dive in:

Do some Architectural Upgrades
Many homes, especially the older ones, have dark kitchens. If yours is one of those, here’s a way out. Architectural Upgrade is one of the effective solutions to this problem. Try adding the skylights, atrium and maybe the conservatory windows above the kitchen so it can let the natural light come in.

In that case, you are supposed to contact the proficient architect or maybe a roofer having enough idea about the 2018 kitchen designs so that whatever you have in the end is latest and unique for sure. If it’s not a suitable option due to whatever reasons, you can try installing the solar tubes that will not only reflect light from the roof but also through a tube and into your kitchen.

Replace Old Drapery with some Lighter Stuff
Sometimes — even after having enough space the light to enter — the kitchen are deprived of that required natural light. Why is that? It’s all because of that old thick drapery you have on the windows. In that case, consider either changing the existing window treatments or go for the lighter material.

In case you have dark fabrics, it will absorb much of the natural light into the material before it even illuminates the kitchen space. Therefore, just try replacing it with the lighter one like cotton, linen, and sheer etc.

Alternate Natural Light Ideas
Here’s another effective way to bring in the light. All you need to do is; just let the adjacent rooms shine light into your kitchen. Double-sided cabinetry with glass doors can be considered as an amazing example. To divide the dining room from the central kitchen area, it’s essential to use a bank of upper and lower cabinetry. Glass cabinetry doors are known to effectively bring light into your inner kitchen and make it look more elegant. So are you in?

What You Currently Have?
Even though it’s about adding more natural light into space primarily, cutting down the excessive cost would turn up more favorable. To keep the costs down in letting in natural light, try re-painting kitchen cabinets white or maybe you can go for a lighter shade. Make sure to add the lighting fixtures that will add more natural light to the kitchen space.

Don’t miss out to form a perfect lighting combo by adding from ambient lighting to task lighting for countertops. It will not only light your dark kitchen space but also reflect the elite personality of yourself.

In a nutshell, natural light is essential for our wellbeing. But many homes are severely lacking in it especially in the kitchen areas where they face such a hectic day. It’s pointless to create a dark, gloomy space that does nothing for our state of mind. But when you remodel your kitchen and add some natural lighting sources to it, you have an opportunity to look at ways to bring more light in.

Do you want to learn some amazing ways to add more natural light to your kitchen space? Just check out the article now.

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