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A Beginner’s Guide to Avoiding a DUI Charge

Having a DUI charge is both an embarrassing event and one that could result in a full conviction. As a matter of fact, most people who are arrested for a DUI have little to no comprehension of their rights and also think that the case is hopeless. Some people may even go to the degree of not hiring an attorney because they believe there is no hope.

Avoiding a DUI Charge

  • Hire a DUI lawyer who is qualified and has a good level of experience with these cases. In fact, they should have tried no less than 25 cases of this type. Read their history and reviews. Find out what their success rate is and hire the best attorney to help avoid a dui charge. The attorney you select will make all the difference.
  • Learn about your rights. This is why you want to use a more experienced attorney. Even with a consultation, you will find that often many rights are violated with officers performing illegal arrests and lacking evidence. Most of the less experienced attorneys don’t even know some of the finer points for trying DUI cases.
  • As soon as you get out of jail, after posting bond, address your right to drive with the help of a good attorney. You will need to file an appeal for the license suspension administration. The attorney will file these for you on time and work out a deal so you can still drive. This will often include the fitting of an ignition interlock device. This prevents driving when intoxicated.

What You Should Know

Not all cases of DUI arrest need to lead to conviction. As long as you have attained qualified legal representation, there will be little for you to be concerned about. Even if convicted, the lawyer can help reduce penalties significantly.

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