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Best Baby Boy Gift Ideas

Baby boys are cute and fun. They love to play most of the times and enjoy their play times. So, when you have to gift a baby boy on the occasion of his birthday or any special day, you know what exactly you must select for him. Toys!!! The babies will not judge your gifts by the amount of it or how expensive it is. All they want is a colourful toy that will keep them busy for the rest of the day.

So choose the baby boy gifts Australia very carefully to please the baby –

Playpa Stickers – Jungle –

Baby boys are fascinated by jungles and their stories. The colourful jungle along with its wild animals is a mystery that boys love to unveil. Why not gift the young kid with a piece of jungle? These jungle themed stickers will be great fun to play with. Each pack contains 3 sheets of jungle stickers. These stickers are a fantasticcollection of jungle themed concept. They can be used on their own or along with Playpa.

Le voyage d’Olga – Chaussette the large fox

As said earlier, the kids love jungle and its animals. The Chaussette, large fox is an attractive looking fox that your young boy can play with. It has a tapering silhouette, which is handy. The fox has soft fur coat making it comfortable to play with. The 56 cm fox wears lucky feathers across his neck. The nice looking fox is cream and ocher in colour. It has sharp pointed ears with embroidered linen.

Sleepy Koala Hand Rattle

This handmade crochet baby rattle will help your child to be occupied when he is bored and wants entertainment. The small rattle is in perfect size for your little child’s fingers. This rattler doesn’t need any battery, and hence, can be used for hours without worry. The rattler is soft to hold and easy to rattle. This 14 cm rattler is the best gift for baby boys who are just learning to recognize sound and colour. The rattle is made of the finest 100% cotton yarn.

Arabella Doll

Who said that dolls are just for girls? They can be used even by baby boys. The baby boys will not be old enough to know that dolls are for girls. They will love their dolls as much as the girls. This handmade crochet doll is easy to hold and fun to play with. Arabellais the year’s special keepsake doll. It is going to give your baby boy lifelong memories. The doll is made of 100% special cotton. It is 41cm and a perfect gift for babies.

My Magical Flying Unicorn

Boys love fantasy and adventure. In order to switch on that creative instinct in your baby at a very young age, you can give the boy this magical flying unicorn. It is do-it-yourself craft kit containing the magical creature. There are wooden pieces, paints, and feathers from which your child can build a unicorn. If your child is too small, you can help him build the unicorn. This kit is recommended for children of ages 8 – 12.

These are some of the best baby boy gifts.

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