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How Electromagnetic Radiations Affect Your Health

With the extensive use of electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets, exposure to harmful radiations is now a matter of concern. We’re surrounded by high levels of emissions that emanate from devices and appliances at work or home, and they include microwave ovens, computer or laptop screens, power lines, radars, and more. Your exposure to all these radiation sources may result in many health issues. This means that you have reasons to worry about the possible effects of EMI on your health and wellbeing. While circumventing the radiation may not be an option, there are ways to keep yourself protected, and one of them is using magnetic shielding materials. Read this guest post to learn more.

Health Risks Related to Smartphone Radiations

Handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets have strong electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that hurt your health. Do you know why? Whether it is mobile phones or tablets, they ‘re held pretty close to your brain or body. When it comes to smartphones, they emit two kinds of electromagnetic radiations. The microwave electromagnetic radiations emanate from your cell phone’s antenna and the second EMF is radiated from the body of your phone, both of which are harmful to your health. It is important to note here that 20 to 80 percent of these radiations from a cell phone’s antenna can penetrate up to two inches into your brain. If you keep your smartphone close to yourself while sleeping, you may suffer from a condition that involves poor rapid eye movement (REM). This condition, in turn, can affect your cognitive abilities and memory in the long run. The thermal effects of smartphones also lead to heating of biological tissues.

Health Hazards for Pregnant Women

According to WHO, radiations coming from the sources such as diathermy devices, PC screens, waterbeds, electric blankets, and likes are harmful to pregnant women. Although, as per the finding, exposure to EMF does not increase the risks of health hazards like spontaneous abortions, malformations, and congenital disorders, a few reports do specify a relation between EMF exposure and health issues in expecting mothers. The common problems reported were low weight babies and premature delivery of women working in the electronics sector.

Cataracts and Eye Irritation

A few reports show that people exposed to high microwave or radiofrequency levels suffer from cataracts or eye irritations. But studies conducted on animals do not corroborate the likelihood of eye ailments due to radiations, which are not thermally hazardous. However, prevention is always better than cure, and therefore, you must consider EMI shielding to prevent harmful emissions from electronic devices.

High Blood Pressure

EMFs and high blood pressure (BP) are interrelated. The electromagnetic radiations create stress, which in turn leads to high BP. We usually relate stress to our busy lifestyle, workload, or emotional turmoil in our personal lives. However, these are not the only reasons that cause stress. EMFs increase it too. Therefore, you must protect your health and minimize the use of cell phones and other handheld devices. Besides, you should use EMI shielding materials to prevent radiations from computers, laptops, routers, power cables, and smart meters. Remember that EMF not only leads to stress but also affects your heartbeat and BP.

Other Health Concerns

People exposed to low EMF levels did report symptoms like headaches, low libido, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. However, a school of physicians holds that electromagnetic waves are not the only culprits that cause such health issues. According to them, noise and many other factors present in the environment are to be blamed, too.

Use magnetic shielding materials in your electronic devices for your health and well-being. Scientific results may not be conclusive all the time or show a cause-effect relation between human health and emissions. However, you should not overlook the possible hazards.

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