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Top SEO Company in Delhi Helps for PPC

Pay per click marketing is considered as the way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks to the website of top seo services in delhi rather than earning them organically.

You might see the sponsored advertisements which you see at the top of Google’s page marked with the yellow label? This is known a pay per click advertising, Google AdWords PPC.

How PPC works?

Research of the keywords

The first and essential stage in PPC advertising campaign is the selection of the keywords. Keywords are selected which will be dependent on the popularity as well as relevant to the website.

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Ideally, it is better to start with the larger keywords which include more and less popular. You need to pay more for the keywords which are famous and you must keep this in mind while doing the selection of the keywords.

Finding the right keyword is essential as the bids, as well as spending of the SEO Company in Delhi, would depend on it.

Selection of the PPC engine

Contrary to the famous opinion, it is not wise to go for the best PPC engines such as Overture or Google Adwords. Although they have the own advantage of getting high traffic, while it comes to the selection of the PPC engine it is better to choose the second one to prevent the risk of spending a lot with no results.

PPC engines are selected depending on the budget of the campaign as well as popularity.

Advertisement creation

Catchy PPC advertising is the key to grab the attention of a customer. A PPC ad copy consists of:

  • Description
  • Title
  • URL

All the PPC engines have specific limits on the characters allowed in the advertisement copy. The SEO Company in Delhi like HubDigiTech make sure the advertisement copy is catchy, creative and compliant with the rules and regulations of different PPC engines and they go live after the approval of a customer.

Advertisement submission to the PPC engine

With the approval of a customer, submission of the keywords and ads are done to the selected engine of PPC. The listing of the ads can be submitted by two methods:

  • Bulk submission: With so many keywords, individual submission is time-consuming. In this case, many PPC engines offer excel sheet format in which all the details can get filled as well as upload.
  • Manual submission: The ads are submitted serially with less number of keywords and listings of the ad.

Setting amount per click as well as daily budgets

After the submission of the advertisement, it is time to set the daily budget and allow bids to keywords. The bids are set which depend on the rivals bids. It also depends on how much you are willing to pay per click.

The bids and budget can be changed periodically for best results as said by the SEO Company in Delhi. To get the better campaign of PPC, it is better to hire the professionals who would provide you with the best results.

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